Annpatliz W Mwihaki

Annpatliz is the Senior Sustainability Analyst at Samawati Capital Partners. She has been a member of the team since October 2020 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Kisii University. 

Annpatliz has over 3 years’ experience in environmental  and project management with the Council of Governors and other well established institutions, where her interest in the sustainable finance space began after undertaking several S&E related courses, including (i) Environmental and Social Safeguards under the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework; (ii) Market-Based Incentives for Biodiversity Conservation by KINSHIP Regional Conservation; and (iii) Environmental and Social Risk Management for the Kenya Devolution Support Programme by the Kenya School of Government and World Bank.

She has proceeded to expand her impact investment knowledge by doing an ILO course on human rights due diligence and a UNEP-FI course on environmental and social risk assessment in 2021. She looks forward to further expanding her knowledge in the field and supporting the inclusion of S&E aspects in Samawati’s coverage across the continent.